March 12, 2012

Sales and shipping, a new reenactment season, his and her 18thc. couture, and a New England small-town event~

Adam takes a 'tea and treat break' while our yorkie girls try out the 'new' 1630's settle and beg for brownie.
Today is a day for smiling. It is sunny and well into the 60's. My neighbors critters are baaing and lowing, and that sweet warm smell of cows and hay is in the air. I love it. My maple sap buckets on the trees are full to bursting every day, and Sean comes to empty them for sugaring off. Spring is just around the corner.

We've had a busy week, and an exciting one as well with all the changes we're making to our home. We took a mini-trip for the evening down to Ipswich last week, a place we both love. I've been working very hard at my antique business and we've had numerous sales recently.
We're looking for more wonderful things to sell on our website, and have been so busy this past weekend boxing things up for shipping to their new homes in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska, Maine, and several other states.
Adam builds boxes for larger items and custom packs those things at no charge to our customers.

Yesterday we sold my older reproduction c. 1770 style pencil post canopy bed. I had had this bed for close to 30 years and loved it. It is now going to a young girl in the midwest who fell in love with it too, and whose mom bought it for her to have now, and as a nice piece of furniture to bring to her own home one day when she gets married.
It's nice to see some old fashioned traditions as well as the love of old things and antiques passed down...
Today when Adam gets home we will be packing up more things. Our shipper, Wendy, will be coming this week to pick up a cupboard and take it to a customer in Pennsylvania. We may have the bed ready for her to take to the midwest as well.

We are in the process of photographing the rooms of our home and putting updated pictures on the TOUR page of our website. Yesterday we put up new photos of "the little sitting room", (as opposed to the 'bigger one'.)
We'll be putting up new pictures of our bedroom and 'big sitting room', and the taproom later in the spring---we're still working on those.
We will also be adding new things for sale to the OFFERINGS and SUTLERY pages of the website soon...
I have already shipped out a goodly number of  pairs of my homemade silk garters, and the one men's wig we had here ready to go is now gone to a new home, but we take orders for all our period wigs.

Last night we celebrated our weekend of hard work relaxing with a nice dinner. I made that fantastic Mexican casserole I told you about in an earlier post. No meat---it is a layered concoction of soft corn tortillas, black beans, corn, enchilada sauce, cheese, cilantro, garlic, and a few other things, all topped with my homemade guacamole and some low fat sour cream. We ate it along with our own homemade rum shrub served cold in our Jamestown goblets. Our shrub has lime in it, and is a bit reminiscent of the taste of margaritas.
For dessert I made a homemade apple custard tart that was fast and easy. I added a little rum extract to it, in addition to vanilla, and it was divine!
On Saturday night we had that Perdue Roasting Chicken in a Bag, and this week I'll be making our favorite 'Healthified Chicken Pot Pie' with the leftovers.

In a couple weeks I will be posting PART 4 of my series on the BEFORE and AFTER of my old house, with of course, more hideous BEFORE photos, and lots of nice, new AFTER ones.

Next Saturday our little town is having it's annual 'penny sale' at the old town hall. We're going to dress up the yorkie girls and put bows in their hair and take them in their front packs.  We may find a bargain or two, and everyone in town loves to see and pet Sasha and Deladis. They love to go anywhere in their pouches, and have a conniption fit when they see them come out! The little "ambassadors of peace and goodwill". I'll take some pictures and tell you all about the event in a future post.

Here I am in our yard last summer...For this summer's upcoming 18thc. lawn party I'll have a new silk gown a la francais
We are both almost humming with anticipation---Coming up very soon is the start of the new reenactment season, and I hope to shortly be sharing some of our adventures with you, as well as unveiling my new silk 18thc. gown in fashion photos here on my blog later this spring.
The details of new gown and all accessories will here remain a secret for now, but it is being made out of this gorgeous 100% silk period stripe fabric~

Adam sold one of his 18thc. suits in order to replace it with a long-wished-for 'fancy' silk suit of the 1750 period, and one he would wear more than the one he parted with.
I had no hand in this. Adam is extremely knowledgeable on both men's and women's period fashion of many eras and has great taste. He has his chosen fabric---a beautiful seafoam dupioni silk---and we are looking at swatches of embroidered silk for the waistcoat that will be worn under it. His friend and 18thc. tailor Chris, will be making it for him, as he did Adam's wedding suit for our period wedding.
The silk for Adam's c. 1740-50 period coat and breeches. As is correct, the waistcoat under it will be of a lovely coordinating silk embroidered with flowers, birds, etc...

The silk above is actually clearer, warmer and lighter soft seafoam than it looks in that photo.

And the winner is.... The gorgeous embroidered silk for Adam's waistcoat~
The STYLE of Adam's new suit~

This summer, we'll be hosting a fancy period-dress, 18thc. lawn party and buffet supper for our reenactment group here at our home, and we are looking forward to it so much.



Historical Ken said...

I am biting at the bit for our reenacting season to begin as well! We've been doing some in-door "events" - just for us and a few friends to satisfy our time-travel needs. I just posted a little something about our Saturday civilian meeting and will be posting again in a couple weeks about an 1862 parlor day event we'll be hosting at our home as well.
By the way, I have been enjoying your before and after photos! Amazing!
Have a great week.
God Bless....

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun lined up!! Can't wait to see your new fashions! The material is gorgeous!Have FUN!! ;-D
Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

An Historical Lady said...

Hi Ken,
Yes, we are so anxious as well! Thanks for the kudos on the house! It was a long lonely road for me at times and a monumental amount of work--I am amazed that I did it!

An Historical Lady said...

Hi Linnie,
Awww thanks so much! We are indeed excited about our respective 18thc. outfits!
The anticipation, saving, and hard work, both for the clothing and the house are so worth it!