December 25, 2011

Chocolate cheesecake, 'oyster pye', angel wings, and wow!---Christmas Eve with the Spencers~


It is lightly snowing here on this Christmas morning in New Hampshire. Christmas music is playing on the radio, and we're ready to do some of the preparations for our special dinner later---Orange-Raisin Stuffed Lamb Roll with Orange-Mint Sauce, mashed herbed sweet potatoes, and green beans with honey and cashew sauce.  The fantastic chocolate cheesecake will be our dessert again---it was so good.
Later we'll go to a neighbor's house for a glass of Christmas cheer with friends. Even our yorkies were invited. 
Below, though, are some photos of our Christmas Eve festivities last night~

Our little angels~
Yesterday morning we got up and both made goodies for our Christmas Eve supper. The double chocolate cheesecake turned out so well, and looked beautiful garnished with holly from our yard, on the taproom table.
We made Pilgrim Oyster pye for Christmas Eve dinner,  and the sauce for the lamb for Christmas dinner, along with a few other treats.
We had a perfect, quiet family Christmas Eve. In the afternoon I made a big bowl of popcorn with butter, fresh grated Parmasan cheese, and garlic powder on it, and we watched the old black and white film, 'A Holiday Affair'

The house was clean, candlelit, and looked so pretty and festive.

Adam holds Sasha while helping me make the sauce for the lamb for Christmas Day dinner...
Del watched...
Aww...the yorkie girls curled up while we cooked~
Adam puts the puff pastry crust on the oyster pyes for Christmas Eve supper~

Early Christmas Eve morning, (wearing loud flannel pj's!), I cut up the cinnamon raisin bread for the stufffing for the lamb

Our oyster pyes ready to go into the oven. I made a salad of fresh strawberries, pineapple, and grapes with a sauce of low fat sour cream, brown sugar, and a bit of vanilla...
A fire is lit, and presents are waiting...
Oh, yum!
We had the oyster pye, white wine, and then the cheesecake in the 'little sitting room' while watching a favorite Christmas movie...

Time to open presents, guys!
Here's one that says 'To Sasha'!
The cutest gifts ever for the yorkies---Little harness vests with angel wings, and matching leashes
We opened presents on the floor in the bedroom in front of the fire on Christmas Eve...

Deladis and Sasha got pj's for Christmas
Our kids...
I gave Adam a couple good historical used books for Christmas---'Real Men Wear Wigs...', and 'Colonial American English'

...And now it's time to celebrate our Christmas Day---our little family just hanging out, having a peaceful and quiet time. We're thanking God for each other, our cozy home in New Hampshire, and for all our blessings.
I hope that sharing my New England life on this little blog brings joy to kindred friends all over the world.  I wish you all a truly joyous Christmas~
 Come in and take a TOUR of our period home at Christmas time. Visit our annual 'COLONIAL NEW ENGLAND CHRISTMASTIDE AT THE OLD BROWN CAPE' photo gallery~


Time Traveling in Costume said...

What an amazing dinner you made. It looked delicious, and something I've never tried. But I guess my dinner of dried fruit w/ marscapone cream stuffed inside a pork loin, and wrapped in proscuito was a little fancy too. I miss the days of sitting around the house on Xmas day while Mom was in the kitchen making a delicious dinner. :)
A Happy Christmas to you and yours, Val

Richard Cottrell said...

Your babies are the bestest. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Sherri Farley said...

I enjoyed finding your blog....the photos are wonderful and the doggies......just too cute!