October 8, 2010

A Romantic Evening

It has been an exhausting and kind of a momentous week. Changes are in the works, and we are waiting on information and news about things I won't discuss right now.

Yesterday afternoon Adam called from work and said 'lets shut out everyone for awhile and have a romantic evening---just the two of us'. I was all for that! With all that is going on right now, I wanted to give him a treat and make some of his favorites for dinner---for dessert, my chocolate cream pie. This is NOT made with some jello pudding mix, but with an incomparable all-from-scratch pudding. I use Giardelli dark chocolate chips in my filling, and make a flaky crust, and then top the whole thing with real whipped cream sweetened with wildflower honey and some vanilla.
For dinner I made a quick and easy favorite of his, BASQUE COUNTRY-STYLE SPAGHETTI. This is a delectable concoction of pasta, a bit of butter, garlic-infused olive oil, shrimp, parmesan, and fresh parsley. Along with a simple salad with Maine blueberry dressing, it was perfect.

When he got home, we bundled our little yorkie girls into their pouches and held hands and went for our customary 2 mile walk around our little hamlet. After the yummy dinner and a warm shower, we snuggled on the bed with the dogs, all in our 'pig pile', had hot tea and the pie and watched a movie, leaving the day behind. All was right with the world...

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PvtSam75 said...


You two and the dogs are so cute! I'm so glad that you and Adam could have a nice, quiet evening to yourselves. Let's hope for many more!

~Pvt. Sam